About Naturalie

Natalie Prhat, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and owner of www.naturalienatalie.com, works with a passion and plan to help business’ deliver a plant-based experience to their customers.

Feeling disappointed with the lack of offerings is how vegans often feel and not a feeling one should associate with a five-star all-inclusive experience. For this reason, Natalie’s vision soon became to work with businesses to offer a vegan variety and help to maintain the credibility of an all-inclusive experience.

To uphold a limitless dining experience with plant-based cuisine accessible world-wide, Natalie works to inspire change in the travel and restaurant industry in order for it to maximize on opportunity by responding to the exploding global demand for plant-based options.

To teach people how easy it is for vegan food to have taste, Natalie’s projects and copious amounts of kitchen time have inspired her to put together a plant-based cook book that will be coming soon.

Natalie credits her nutritional change of heart to documentary Cowspiracy by Kip Andersen. Acting on a respected social media influencers’ recommendation, Natalie knew it was staying up to date on cutting edge information that would inspire integrity and educated respsonses in her work.

Watching Cowspiracy changed both Natalie’s life and business plan. Witnessing the rise of exposure on factory farming, Natalie quickly understood that she was cut out to help people make the transition. What started as a mission to take care of people and their nutrition turned into a way of living that also saves animals and the planet.

Natalie has a social media following that is on the rise and her followers and many social media users are demanding for travel to allow them to maintain their lifestyle wherever they go. Natalie’s vision is exactly that — to encourage people to go wherever they want in the world knowing that they’re experience will in fact be all-inclusive.

Current Projects: 

Providing all-inclusive resorts and restaurants the opportunity and the platform to pilot a vegan experience

Putting together a plant-based cook-book 

Hosting nutrition discussions 

Successfully incorporating plant-based variety at the All-inclusive Royalton Cancun in Mexico

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about matea

Matea is an editor, writer and entrepreneur in training.

Born and raised in Brampton, Matea spent most of her time reading, writing in her diary and proofreading… *doing her brother’s homework.

Entering her twenties, Matea experienced a sudden and tragic loss. This event brought deep rooted and unhealthy habits to light. Committed to breaking the pattern of addiction in her family, Matea is dedicated to discovering and educating others on the topic of emotional eating.

Now based in Toronto, Matea is the editor of www.naturalienatalie.com and uses her spare time to meditate, learn, freelance edit and work on her fitness. To produce genuine projects that inspire the largest change, Matea is presently working hard to “get real” with the impact that emotional eating has had on her life. She is using her opportunities and breakthroughs as fuel for future projects.

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Ian is a director, filmmaker, and actor based in Toronto.

Born and raised in Hamilton Ian harnessed his hyperactive energy as a child by performing on and off the stage for multiple crowds and watching every film he could get his hands on.

Inspired by sketch comedy, horror movies and independent cinema, Ian began his acting and filmmaking career in his teens by creating and shooting short films, comedic sketches, promotional videos for companies, and music videos for local musicians. In 2007 IRAYBS films was born with Ian producing and directing his first full length feature film “Dream Harder” a comedic spoof on the booming adult industry in the 1970’s.

Upon moving to Toronto, Ian continued to create, film and edit comedy, action, dramatic and horror films for various competitions and film festivals. Other projects include: wedding, corporate, industrial, music, fitness, and promotional videos.

Iraybs Films vision is to bring unique, edgy, captivating, and inspiring stories to life on screen.

Ian Rayburn