“Natalie is committed to growth. New information about food rapidly surfaces and Natalie’s ability to adapt and flourish is consistent. All the while, as rapidly as information continues to surface, what remains equally consistent is her talent in making every meal taste like the best version of anything you’ve ever had. Natalie can help you understand how your body is responding to the food in your diet. Whether you are looking to see physical changes, learn how to feed your family, or understand your relationship with food, Natalie is a vital aide in bringing consistency, truth and flavour in to your life through food.”

Matea P


“Natalie Prhat makes eating healthy food easy. She never sacrifices taste for health and is so passionate about whole food living that you can’t wait to learn about what she’s cooked up. I have learned a lot about whole foods living from Natalie and find her to be knowledgable without being preachy. She has definitely filled my kitchen with a cup of wisdom, a dash of laughter and a whole lot of yum!”

Elizabeth D


“Natalie came into my life at a time when I had just had my third child, was balancing a hectic pace and frankly wasn’t focused on my health. I was fairly active, working out several times a week but I wasn’t able to lose the baby weight. In addition, we were struggling to manage healthy meals in our family. As a fairly intelligent professional, I was completely unaware of the affects my eating habits had on my life and more importantly, my family.

Not only did Natalie open my eyes and mind to an entirely new way of eating, she worked with me one on one on practical and simple ways to change my lifestyle habits –not for the short term but ways to embed these habits for a life time. She has completely changed how we view food, how we purchase food, and prepare it – and she continually advises me on how we can evolve our nutrition. Natalie has helped us completely overhaul how we eat, but more importantly how we live and thrive as a family.”

Erin R


“Once you decide to let go of what you think you know about food, nutrition, nurturing your temple and higher self, I highly recommend Natalie. People talk, but Natalie delivers. Since working with Natalie, my overall health has improved tremendously! I understand food better than ever before and my chronic back pain has almost fully subsided. I can’t say enough about Natalie’s knowledge where food is concerned. I look and feel great! She truly cares about people, animals and the environment.”

Farhad B


“Growing up I was a very active kid that walked and biked everywhere and ate well. As an adult, I have lived a very similar life. I walk and ride my bike, lift weights, I still play sports and I eat well. In 2014, I met Natalie. Naturalienat. It turns out I was never eating well. I just thought that I was. But guess what? Ignorance is not bliss. Since following the knowledge and expertise that Natalie has, I have never felt so good. I have never looked so good. And I have never had so much energy. All this at the age of forty-seven!! I wish I had met her sooner!! Because I have never felt better!! What we were taught about food and how to eat is wrong. Food labels are difficult to navigate through. GMO’s, sugar and chemicals are disguised well in so many things. With Natalie’s help and instruction, I now know how to find real and healthy alternatives. As a result I am healthier than ever. Natalie makes it fun and easy to learn about food, how to shop and what to eat. I recommend her to everyone and they are as impressed with the results as I am.”

Mark E